This is post #9 from the series My Startup Journey where I share the LifeHQ startup journey. The current status of LifeHQ: It is in Beta with around 200 users, but 0 paying users. This is your chance to follow my journey while facing uncertainties and obstacles left and right while building my first business. I share what I’m working on, what fires I’m putting out, what obstacles I’m facing, both real and imaginary and my plans for the future.


What I worked on today

Yet another pomodoro improvement

I wasn’t tracking which pomodoro cycles actually got completed to the end. Also no one was reviewing their cycles at the end.

So now when you click Next to start your next break a popup will appear where you have to review your cycle to continue forward.

After saving it you can see your review information at the bottom. But that’s not cool. What’s cool are the statistics that will come out of this in a few weeks.

Another potential problem that I see right now is it’s not obvious that you need to click the Next button after every cycle and every break. However you can check the Continous play button that will make the cycles and breaks start automatically without your input. But that way you can’t set your review, oh no, there’s another bug. You won’t see my new popup if you check Continuous play.

Progress in payments bugs

I reached out to the support desk at Paddle and they were great as always. They figured out the issue on the first try. I was using an old link when trying to cancel a new subscription. Basically it’s my fault.


Plans for tomorrow

  • Roadmap update article – It’s been a while since the last article. It’s important to keep my subscribers in the loop of what’s happening.
  • Reminder emails – On my account I stopped receiving these, it’s probably a sign of trouble.
  • Week journals – My weekly journal didn’t get generated this Sunday so possible bug here as well.
  • Sort out the payments bugs

Until tomorrow,

Stay productive and consistent.