Okey doke. Log #4 of My Startup Journey. You can check out all the articles in the series by visiting the My Startup Journey category page. 

What I did today

I designed and implemented the Work Stats page. It is very exciting to be able to build one page completely form scratch in a single day. Granted, the page is stupid simple but still it felt awesome.

Here is what it looks like so far.

Future plans for Work Stats. So many things I’d like to put here, things I like to know about myself.

First of all I totally forgot to add the number of completed tasks. I’m only showing the sessions here.

But in the future I want the answers to these questions:

  • What’s my most productive day, are Mondays better than Tuesdays
  • What’s my most productive hour.
  • What is my ideal work to break ratio.
  • Am I more productive on full moon or half moon

And other normal stuff like that.

What I learned

Today I read this great article from Hubstaff and noticed their reference to Mixpanel metrics. I was thinking of doing this myself but then discovered that Mixpanel has a free plan. So the plan for tomorrow is to set this up and start figuring out what the hell people are doing on my site. My guess is they don’t go past the homepage but we’ll see.

Productivity/Procrastination log

I started eating only between 2pm to 6pm and the increases in productivity are noticeable. This morning I felt on fire because I have been fasting for 12 hours already when I woke up.

Todo tomorrow

  • Setup Mixpanel metrics. Record what users are creating after logging in.
  • Publish to some other beta testing site like Betalist and test the monitoring.
  • Fix all the bugs
    • Pages link doesn’t work in project resources
    • Bug with the habits chart, not updating the right bar in realtime
    • Need to setup cache busting when deploying new javascript code and html probably

Then write another Roadmap Update article if everything is working fine.

Until tomorrow.

Stay hungry.