Revamped landing page

I’ve been putting work into the landing page. It is the first thing people will see when they discover LifeHQ so it must look nicer and convey the right message and positioning, check it out. I added one section for every module consisting of a screenshot and short explanation. I also added more copy explaining the problem LifeHQ is solving. But for the sake of having pictures in this article I’ll add it in here:

However I can’t underestimate the aversion to reading of today’s population, then again pictures have always worked better than words. So my plan is to add a much much better picture in the top heading, something that will make you say: “Yes that’s me, I need this”. Rough sketch uploading soon.

The Resistance

As I’m coming close to launching I’ve noticed that resistance has been increasing, as Steven Pressfield would say. The closer to the finish line, the stronger it becomes. Well the first step to overcoming anything is recognizing it.

I’ve noticed it appear a few times early in the morning. I’ve started taking shortcuts with my Intermittent fasting and my workout routine. When this happens especially in the morning, it can ruin the productivity of the whole day. Lazyness begets lazyness, Discipline begets discipline.


With a personal software like LifeHQ I feel it’s best to have one plan that has all the features. There is no point in limiting you to a few features when I’m trying to convince you that you need a full productivity system.

So I created one plan called the Master Plan that can be charged monthly or annually.

The monthly price will be around $7 which turns out to less than 25 cents / day.

Those who commit to the process and pay for the full year will get a discounted price of $69 which comes out to less than 20 cents / day.

Here is the first draft of the design, I’m quite happy with it.