What I worked on today

  1. I finished the self updating chart on the Habits page, finally. It was easier than I thought. I’ve been dragging that task around for ages.
  2. Deployed new version to Beta (https://beta.lifehqapp.com) after a while and it wasn’t good. I had some database migrations messed up but I managed to sort it out at the end. That would be a lesson for me, deploy often. So there are quite a few new features:
    1. Ability to upload pictures into the text editor
    2. Upload any type of file in the project resources section
    3. Bug fixes in the Pomodoro module.
    4. The self updating freaking chart.

Productivity/Procrastination logs

Solid productivity today. I can’t complain. Still watched 4-5 short youtube videos here and there during breaks though.

Plans for tomorrow

I planed out all major tasks that need to be completed before launch. Just getting those out of my head was a relief. Here they are. Let’s put a picture instead:

So tomorrow I’m starting of with point #1.

We need a page that will show you statistics of your worked Pomodoro sessions for today and this week, separated by projects.


Until tomorrow.

Stay hungry and keep working.