Hello my friendly friends,

It’s been a while since the last update but I haven’t been slacking off. A lot has been done and the launch date is getting closer.

For more frequent and shorter updates I started sharing my daily journey of building LifeHQ in the new series My Startup Journey. There are already 8 articles in there.

The last Roadmap Update promised updates for the text editor and local file uploads. Both of these have been done.

Trix text editor

I decided to go with Trix because it’s very simple to set up but can also be expanded in the future. It’s built by the nice folks at Basecamp. Just using trix with the default settings looks quite nice. Here it is on the journal page:


The toolbar is simple, has all the tools for a text editor, but not too much so you don’t confuse this with MS Word or something of that sort.

File storage

In the project’s resources section we can now upload files of any type. The total limit is 300MB while in Beta but on the official app it will be 1GB.

This is what it looks like, it’s positioned in a tab right next to the pages.

You can click details and see some more info or download the file:


Work stats page

As I have mentioned a few times before the Pomodoro module is my favorite and I use it every day. It’s how I’ve gotten used to working now. I’ve added a new page for work statistics that shows your total work cycles for the day and the whole week. It can also filter by project:

I know the decimals need to be sorted out. And expect more cool charts coming here.

Reviewing your work cycle successes

To make these stats even better I need to have data about wether the work cycle target was accomplished and what your energy level is, for now. To do this effectively I made it mandatory. At the end of each cycle you see a popup that asks to review the past cycle. It only takes a few seconds to finish, but it will have major impact in the future.

Just three simple questions, the third is optional even.

Things to finish before the launch

The official launch of LifeHQ is coming soon, there are only a few things to do.

I know remembering to write your journal, check your habits and work on the tasks can be overwhelming and they are very easy to forget.

I plan to do something about this. It will have to be some kind of status box that will be present on every page that will show your status for the day and have links to all the things you are yet to do today.

Aside from that I have to improve the main landing page and add few more pages to it explaining the features.

The Roadmap updates will keep coming every few weeks, but if you want to follow more closely check out the My Startup Journey series where I blog almost daily about what I’m working on, designing, making mistakes and learning.