Hey peeps, it’s day #6 and #7. Why 2 in 1, because I worked on the same thing for the past two days.

Planning my special kind of trial and the payment structures.

For a trial I’m going to do something different. I call it.

The use it or lose it trial

The biggest problem with productivity apps is they don’t work if you don’t use them.

And they all work if you do use them.

So for LifeHQs trial period we are going to try and trick your brain into using the app in fear of losing the trial.

Practically, if you don’t use LifeHQ for at least two days in a week, you trial ends that week. If you do use it more than 4 days, you get 4 more days.

I think this is worth testing.

Payments with Paddle

Started implementing some test subscriptions with Paddle and it’s going pretty quick. Their chat and email support is also great and I believe the support the most countries. They only have a list of less than 10 unsupported countries.

The effects of this blog series

Apparently daily content is much better than no content, go figure lol. Here are my google analytics from the days since I started publishing the My Startup Journey series. The number are laughable, but the percentage is solid, even for a small audience like this.


Plans for tomorrow

I don’t know about you guys, but for me the best part of LifeHQ is getting stuff done. I like the Pomodoro sessions and the whole work module. But recently I noticed some bugs in there and also I have a lot of improvements planned, here they are:

  • Bug: When you continue working on a session, the cycle descriptions are filled in the wrong text boxes. If you wrote something in the Cycle 1, later it fills the last cycle.
  • Feature: Add option for manual time adding
  • Feature: Prevent from leaving the page if session is in progress
  • Bug: If session is canceled mid way, don’t count uncompleted cycles.
  • Feature: Track time linearly like a stopwatch, just start it and stop if manually.
  • Feature: Track different types of work: Deep Work, Admin work, Busy work or Deveopment, Marketing, Promotion, Meetings etc..