Here we go with Log #2

What I worked on today

I didn’t do much coding today but I managed to finish the “Are you sure” warning when leaving with unsaved notes, journals, templates etc. However I did learn some important things about LifeHQ by reading an amazing article from Hotjar. More on that in the next section.

I decided not to post to other Beta testing sites. I wanted to develop some initial version of the onboarding sequence and try that out.

What I learned today

This article from Hotjar is golden. Anyone building a product must read it. At least I had to read it.

In short you will learn about the importance of Onboarding and how to do it properly, how to get you customers to success ASAP. That is key for customer activation. Again maybe it is obvious for the marketers out there but it was completely new for me.

To do proper onboarding you must know your product’s core features that separate it from the rest. I think they call it Core value proposition. This got me thinking about LifeHQ and what core benefits does it provide to the user.

On my current landing page I talk about the benefits of Journalling and setting up your goals as projects and tracking your habits and setting up your tasks the night before etc.

This is totally backwards, all I’m doing is explaining what LifeHQ does. Instead I should focus on what LifeHQ can do for you, the user. What can it help you achieve. How your life will change if you make the most of it.

After a few hours of brainstorming I came up with two words: Productivity and Consistency. 

Productivity and Consistency are the two major benefits from LifeHQ. Those are the promises I am giving with this software and I intend to keep them. Maybe it is not doing everything it should to optimize these two metrics. But they are the North Stars. That is where we are going.

Ahh all of these insights opened up a whole bag of new tasks that should be done. This onboarding thing can be a separate app in and of itself.

Productivity/Procrastination log

I must admit I overslept today but I believe I did the most of it. At the end of the day I discovered important insights that will benefit me greatly moving forward.

Plans for tomorrow

Task 1 is to definitely wake up before 6am.

But then these are the tasks I will be pursuing in the next days or weeks

  • Figure out a design for showing daily productivity in terms of Pomodoro sessions logged
  • And total time worked on a project, both today and this week.
  • Set project for every Pomodoro session
  • Start to log user events somewhere quick, probably with Redis (I need to know if people are using the app)
  • Better wording and better image on landing page to capture the target audience and core benefits

Until tomorrow.

Stay hungry.