This is a daily series of sharing my Startup Journey with LifeHQ. Read the original backstory here. And then followed by Day #1, Day #2, Day #3 and Day #4

Now onto day #5. It is Saturday today, so a little less work was done.

What I worked on today

  • Implemented product tour for the new pomodoro sessions pages
  • Added mixpanel statistics for every page that was accessed but wasn’t impressed
  • Posted on HackerNews, very small response.
  • Posted on Reddit/SideProject with a much better response. I really like Reddit, one of the best communities online.

Let me expand on that last point. The free plan on mixpanel sucks bad and the minimal paid plan is $1000. This was not made for bootstrapped startups.

At their Analysis page I can only access two features: Insights and Realtime

On Realtime I can only see the last 100 events in realtime, which can easily be accomplished by one single user, because I record every link.

Then on the Insights page I can see a silly count of the events. Useful but meh, nothing special.

Perhaps I am not their target audience but their trial option is quite boring. I much rather prefer the Drug Dealer method, don’t worry it’s a common term. The method is to allow trial users access to the very best features, but for a limited time or limited quantity.

So from tomorrow (or Monday) I will try out and let you know how it goes.

Plans for tomorrow (or Monday)

  • Basically finish off the bugs that I said I was going to do today
  • Try out for tracking
  • Respond to all Reddit comments, they are great.


Have a great weekend everyone.

Until next time.

Stay hungry.