Alright alright alright…

The first article in My Startup Journey is about to drop. Boom, dropped!

Before I begin I must be totally honest, I planed on starting this on Sunday but it is now Tuesday. So in this post I will kind of summarize these past three days (because today I didn’t do anything except write articles) and then from tomorrow begin posting every day.

What I’m working on

I finished a few interesting things today.

Edit tasks

I implemented the editing of tasks. Now we can edit the tasks both in the projects and in the work module. Also we can move tasks between projects right in the work section, no need to go to projects, create tasks, then come back to work on them.

Discovered the most efficient way to keep an ordered list of tasks

In short, the secret is decimal numbers or floats. I use decimal numbers to keep the tasks ordered in the list. When a task switches places, its new index is computed by the average from both neighbors. This way only one database insert is necessary when reordering tasks within a list.

What I’ve learned

I listened to only one podcast from Ed Myllet (he is a successful guy so he also has a podcast of course). And he was talking about saving time or rather how successful people view time. How they are always in a hurry to do things. He used the analogy of sprint vs marathon.

Regular people treat success like a marathon. How do you run a marathon. You pace yourself. You take it slow so you can finish the race. This is a mistake.

Successful people treat success like a 100m sprint. They run as fast as they can towards it. Why? Because at the end of the day you get to sleep and re energize. The next day is a new race all together. There is no need to pace yourself. You can afford to sprint because every day you wake up fresh ready to start another sprint.

Productivity log

My productivity in the morning is great, like most people. I have noticed after my first meal productivity declines. I should probably take a walk after it, to speed up digestion and avoid the brain fog. Also I should try smaller meals as well, and preferably go low carb.

Procrastination log

My biggest procrastination culprit is youtube. I am just subscribed to so many great people that as soon as I open the page it gets to me. The solution is obvious, don’t open the page. Well easier said than done but I am trying. I installed a blocking extension on Chrome and I’m decreasing the videos every day.

Another issue is after talking a longer break, especially in the evening work sessions, I am very slow to get back into it. I should probably do the easiest tasks in the evening which is not always possible.

Plans for tomorrow

  • On every page with text editor set up “Are you sure you want to leave? You have unsaved changes” dialog
  • I have a list of sites for posting apps in beta. Post on few of those. Minimum on 3.
  • Work on live updating chart on the Habits page
  • If still time, research designs of pricing pages in app and on landing page.


Hey, that was quicker than expected. It’s so easy to write articles by answering a bunch of questions.

Until next time.

Stay hungry,

Darko Kolev