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LifeHQ Roadmap Update #3 

Welcome to Roadmap Update #3. First things first. Happy New Year and Meeerry Christmas everyone. Thank you for reading and using LifeHQ and thank you for the incredible feedback about your experience. Let’s make 2019 a year to remember, a year of accomplishment, transformation, courage and…


Pomodoro Cycles Done Right 

Pomodoro Quickstart The Pomodoro Cycles technique is probably the most popular strategy for getting lots of work done in short periods of time. The guidelines are simple: Work for 25 minutes Take a 5 minute break Repeat this until tired, then take a longer break….


LifeHQ Roadmap Update #2 

LifeHQ Roadmap Update Check out what’s new at LifeHQ since the last update on December 4th, 2018. New Features Edit and Delete project By clicking the green cog button on the right the Edit Project dialog appears. It lets you edit the project name, deadline and…


LifeHQ Roadmap Update #1 

LifeHQ Roadmap Update New Features: Project Tags Now you can use tags to easily categorize and manage your projects as their numbers keep piling up. Add multiple tags to any project on the project page Filter by tag On the projects page   And on…

Lessons, Mindset

From Doubt To Curiosity 

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. This is a quote that has stuck with me for a while. It is only partially correct. Doubt can kill your dreams if you don’t do anything about them. But if this doubting, this questioning of your abilities…