It’s been a while since the last Roadmap update but in this one I’m releasing a few cool and highly requested features.

Kanban boards

Some love them some hate them, but they are the most popular way of organizing projects.

You can’t do everything with them, but they have been the best at representing the state of your project in one glance.

So I decided to add them to Projects at LifeHQ. You can open it with the dropdown on your projects’ Todo list page.

I’m sure you’re noticing the new navbar and colors, pretty sweet right, I’ll cover them later.

The default view

All Kanban boards start with three states: To do, In progress and Done.

These are the basics and enough to get started. As you can see above, this looks overwhelming when you have longer running projects like LifeHQ. What you can do is make sure to archive your Todo lists which have all tasks completed. Your archived tasks won’t show in the Done column.

On my side however I will add the ability to filter the tasks in the Kanban board by a Todo list.

Personalizing your Kanban boards

You can have up to 5 Kanban lists. More than that is an overkill in my opinion. And since this is an opinionated software, 5 is the limit.

This is how 5 Kanban lists look like on a standard 15″ Macbook Pro.

If you feel like moving whole lists around, you can’t do that by drag and drop.

But you can do the next best thing, rename them and move them that way.

UI facelift

The UI of any application is an evolving process and for the longest time I wanted to have background colors that are nicer to the eyes. So I decided to go with a beige-brown faded color that reminds me of the older yellow notebooks.

I was going for a homy look. What do you think?

I think that looks much nicer than before and is more welcoming to the eyes. It also helps the green and the red pop-out more.

Minimal navbar

The previous Navbar was dear to my heart because it took me 3 hours to create those giant icons with my peasant photoshop skills.

But it took too much space and it wasn’t obvious it was navigation.

In the new iteration I took a more classical approach and made thinner lighter links with separations between Home and Your account and the actual LifeHQ modules.

Intentionally included the Daily mission here to see how much it stands out. My end goal is to somehow implement the Daily mission into the navbar itself but I still haven’t decided on the final design.

So let me know in the comments if you have some suggestions of how to do it. Or you know some other app that is doing it already I can get inspiration from.

Optional project deadline

Not every project has an obvious deadline. Side projects like LifeHQ for example can be running for years. It would actually be a tragedy if I set a final deadline and never worked on it again. So I made project deadlines optional in the project creation form. You can also turn off the deadlines for your existing projects in the edit project form.

It’s even disabled by default, I don’t want to put that much pressure on you 😀

And that’s all folks for Roadmap update #7.

Until next time,

Stay productive.