Welcome to another overdue Roadmap Update.

Launched: Habits tracker 2.0

This week I launched the improved Habits tracker at LifeHQ that lets you pick you own custom schedule for a habit. Habits no longer have to repeat every day but you can choose the days one by one.

Edit habit schedule

You can also edit your existing habits and change their schedule as well.

Future development

Kanban boards

I am thinking of the best way to implement kanban boards. The main purpose will be to have the state of your projects at a glance, see what you’re currently working on, what’s been done and what’s still left to do.


Looking to add some reward system for staying consistent with the habits, completing todays tasks and the daily mission score.

The daily mission score should be shown in a graph similar to the Github commit graph.

Just seeing your productivity for the past few days will have noticeable impact on today, if you’ve been slacking off you will push to get back on the right track. Otherwise it’s so easy to forget what you’ve been doing and what you’ve been neglecting.

I will be reading Actionable Gamification beyond points and leaderboards on this topic.

Feel free to recommend some others in the comments.

And also recommend other ideas for future development.