In my previous article I shared few tips for activating your brain in the morning, today we’re talking about the body.

I have been doing sun salutations every morning for quite a few months as part of my morning routine. It is my only physical exercise in the morning when I’m short of time, or too lazy to do anything more or if I wake up too late.

They only take 5 minutes to do but the benefits are huge and immediate.

I’ve also been doing Sun Salutations as part of my 5 minute Pomodoro breaks throughout the day.

What are sun salutations

Sun salutations are one of the most basic yoga practices you can do. They are a sequence of 5 of the most simple yogic poses.

They’re so simple they fit on a gif.


But I suggest watching a proper video that explains how to breathe and what to focus on. This one is good.

Benefits of Sun Salutations

Activates your spine and nervous system

All poses in the Sun Salutation sequence are bending the spine, backwards or forward.

In yogic culture they say you are as old as your spine is.

The spine has a central role in our nervous system, it is the highway that transmits information to our brain. It is very important to keep it mobile and activated.

Controls your breathing, calms the mind

During each posture you are either inhaling or exhaling. You are doing one operation during one pose. This forces you to inhale and exhale longer and in controlled fashion.

As a result, your mind gets relaxed and still.

One of the main principles of meditation is focusing on your breath, this is a form of moving meditation.

This is the reason I’m doing these also throughout the day. To calm my mind in the middle of the workday. I could afford to do this because I’ve been working remotely for 4 years now.

But now everyone is working remotely so there is no excuse not to try it out.

Combats the stress of sitting all day

During these poses you are stretching your legs, opening up your chest, lengthening and flexing your back. These are the areas most likely to become stiff because of prolonged sitting.

Sun Salutations will invigorate both your body and mind. They will lighten up your mood and

Until next time,

Stay productive.