Wouldn’t it be fun if we could socialize, have fun, connect with our friends or meet new friends around our interests and experience awesome productivity at the same time?

Of course it would be. But the social networks out there are designed to turn you into a consumer zombie, grab your attention and keep it as long as possible. Scrolling mindlessly through the endless stream of videos, pictures, stories, tweets, pins…

There is a much greater opportunity here. We are social beings, that’s a fact and that is great. That is how we survived for thousands of years, in tribes, by staying connected and getting better together.

That is the true power of social networks.

And we can use it to our advantage.

The purpose of Focus Hub

What if there is a social network that helps us achieve more, be more productive and create better lives for ourselves?

What about a social network where instead of posting pictures of your food everyone shares what they’ve accomplished today.

What if you could work alongside other like-minded people who are focused on making it in life and achieving their goals.

FocusHub is a social network that provides an environment that encourages productivity and it provides the tools for getting into Flow and getting things done with efficiency.


The Productivity feed at FocusHub allows you to share your major and minor daily accomplishments and completed tasks. Place to share your small daily wins and participate in a friendly competition with the daily scoreboard of minutes worked and tasks accomplished.

Imagine you are hanging out with bakers all day, people making bread. In a while you’ll know quite a lot about making bread.

At FocusHub you’re around people interested in productivity, high performance and achievement, just by being there, the productivity will rub off.

Focus Sessions: the tools to maximize your flow and efficiency

Focus Sessions make FocusHub a hybrid between a social network and a productivity tool.
They help you actually get things done and get into flow more easily. Focus sessions allow you to create customizable work cycles with short breaks in-between.

For every work cycle you have to define three things:

  • The task to accomplish
  • First concrete steps on how to get started with the task
  • Anticipate blockers

Defining all of these, combined with the time limit will force you to laser focus and achieve much more in that time period.
Also knowing you have a break afterwards will allow you to put off any distractions, emails, phone calls and get to them as soon as your cycle is over. Anything can wait a few minutes.

I usually work in 30min work with 5min breaks work intervals for normal tasks and 50min work with 10min breaks for deep work in the morning.

You can explore FocusHub at: https://thefocushub.net

See you on the productive side.

PS: You can reach me at darko@thefocushub.net for any suggestions, bug reports, questions or productivity advice.