Recently I’ve become a huge fan of Todoist.

While I was building LifeHQ, a semi-direct competitor to Todoist, I had researched it, gave it a few spins then left it alone.

But since I started focusing on FocusHub, Todoist stopped being a competitor and became my major todo app.

I am using it to balance between developing FocusHub, writing on this blog and working on my freelance projects.

They also run a great blog called Ambition & Balance.

To do or Not To do

I’ve been debating with myself for a while about wether to add tasks and todo lists to FocusHub. But for now I decided against it, so I’m going to add a few integrations. Starting with Todoist.

Todoist is the best app on the market for managing your todos, so it makes sense to be the first integration.

Todoist Integration

There is no point to look at your tasks if you’re not going to work on them, so I added the Todoist integration on our Focus Sessions page, you will see it once you create a Focus session.

While you are doing your focused work, you can look to your tasks and cross them out when you complete them, easy peasy.

Connect Todoist

Clicking Connect Todoist will take you to your Profile page where you can set your Todoist api token.

When you click save you’ll be redirected to your previous work session.

It only synchronizes your tasks for today, which is enough for now.

The tasks will be sorted by priority and you will notice that Priority 1 tasks have red underline, Priority 2 have yellow and Priority 3 have blue underline.

Complete tasks

Just crossing of your tasks will not automatically sync them to your Todoist app because often times we click the wrong task.

So once you complete one task, a new sync button will appear at the bottom that does the uploads your completed tasks to Todoist and removes them from Focushub.

After you sync the button and the completed tasks will dissapear.

I am using this every day, I hope you find it useful.

You can join FocusHub and upgrade your productivity here.

PS: Quick announcement, Social habits are coming soon allowing you to interact together with people with similar productive interests as yourself.

Until next time,

Stay Productive.