Recently I read Atomic Habits from James Clear as part of my research for the future development of LifeHQ. The first concept that popped up to me was Habit stacking. James has written on his blog about habit stacking as well.

I realized that I have built this into LifeHQ from the beginning without even knowing the term.

What is habit stacking

Habit stacking means you stack a new habit on top of an existing one. This way you take advantage that you already have the existing habit built in, making it much easier to add a new one next to it. The new habit can be added before, after or in-between two existing habits, as part of your existing routine.

Examples of habit stacking:

After existing habit: After I wake up I will brush my teeth (existing habit) and then I will meditate for 1 minute (new habit).

Before existing habit: Before I go to bed I will read 5 pages from a book.

Between two existing habits: After I brush my teeth I will meditate for 1 minute and then have my coffee.

How LifeHQ uses Habit stacking

LifeHQ is a system consisting of project management, journalling and habit tracking.

Me personally, I always used a project management app and a pomodoro timer app but I never got consistent with either journalling or habit tracking.

I knew, however, that If I put those four modules in one app I will definitely improve my consistency with all of them.

I am already working on my projects, so if I setup my projects there, I will have no problem coming back to LifeHQ and using it for work. Once I’m there it is so much easier to notice the journal I’m supposed to write and the habits I’m supposed to accomplish.

Also the reminders remind of the tasks that need to get finished today, but they also remind me of the habits and the journal(s) in the same email.

It works both ways

If you are the opposite of me then you are consistent with your journalling or your habit tracking but can’t seem to work consistently on your projects.

It works the same way. Your journalling or your habit tracking will pull you to open up LifeHQ and once you are there it is so much easier to see the projects and work on them. Just set your projects up and don’t do anything if you can’t, let it sit there that’s enough.

Now every time you open LifeHQ to write your journal or check off your habits, your projects will be there staring you in the face.

They will bug you until you do something about it, and that is all that matters, doing something about it.