Feeling stuck

Whenever you feel stuck in any situation in your life, you are consciously or unconsciously letting external influences stop you from taking action.

No, scratch that, you are actually stopping yourself, but blaming external influences.

There are some dead-end situations where there is not further action to take or you notice that your actions yield very small results compared to the effort you put in. In those cases you can always move forward by literally doing something else or attack the problem from a different angle. But either way, it all starts with taking on more responsibility.

Taking Responsibility

The only way to combat this is to increase your responsibility.

Responsibility by definition is your response-ability or in other words:


Responsibility is your ability to respond in any given situation.

Responsibility is the ultimate liberation. It means you have total control over your circumstances.

Just taking responsibility mentally, before moving a finger, will make you happier.

For example let’s say your power goes out in your house and your whole neighborhood. You can’t work and you feel stuck, literally.

How can you take responsibility now?

Well if you had a backup generator you wouldn’t have a problem right?

So right this very second, schedule an appointment in your calendar for when you are going to look to buy a generator.

This alone will make you feel better because you did something. But don’t stop here, work with what you have.

Maybe you can’t code, but you can plan the algorithm on paper.

You can’t write on your blog but you can write in your notebook.

You can’t design that house but you can draw with a pencil.

Constraints can spark your creativity in unpredictable ways.

Until next time,