When it comes to productivity systems there are two paths that people generally take. Using a set of apps each for different purpose or using one app for everything. Both systems have their benefits, today we are looking at the pros and cons of both.

Have a special productivity app for every aspect of your life

Productivity apps laptop

This way you would use a separate app for:

  • Tracking your habits
  • Note taking
  • Journaling
  • Managing your projects

This rarely happens. Most often you would use one or two apps for one or two purposes they were and weren’t intended to perform. But you can manage. Either way, these are the pros and cons of this approach.


  • Every app that you use has one specific purpose that it does very well


  • You can never get a good feel of how you are doing, your progress is difficult to be measured across all apps.
  • You need to learn to use all the apps one by one and create habits of to continue using them.
  • Your data is scattered in multiple apps that don’t communicate with each other.

Using one app that was designed to be a full productivity system


  • You only need to develop one habit to improve multiple aspects of your life.
  • You can easily get an overview of how you’re progressing with your goals and habits.
  • Your data is in one place and is easily accessible.
  • You can plan your day in one place only.


  • The one app system doesn’t have the detailed capabilities as much as the individual apps do.
  • This app is more complex and you would need more effort to get familiar with the different functionalities.

Of course I am a bit biased towards the one app productivity system, hence the fewer Cons and more Pros :). Feel free to challenge my argument in the comments bellow or on Facebook or Instagram.

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